Staff Obligations

Our teachers will inform you if your child is having any problems adjusting to the Center's environment. These adjustment issues may relate to social integration and basic daily skills or be curricular in nature. If a teacher contacts you to discuss an adjustment difficulty that your child is having, please understand that these discussions are designed to make your child be happier with the Center's environment. Positive approaches will be used to work through any issues without putting pressure on the child.

If your child is being toilet trained, the parent and teacher will need to communicate daily. These daily checkpoints allow the teachers to advise the parent of the child's progress and also provide a way for the parent to inform the teacher of techniques that work well at home.

Our teachers conduct routine health checks and are trained to notice when children are sick. If your child is sick with a fever, it is imperative that he or she be removed from the center. If your child is sick without a fever, we will call you and describe the symptoms so that you can make a decision based upon our recommendations.

A calendar or newsletter is published each month that describes upcoming themes and activities at the Center. The newsletter also includes important messages to the parents as well as menus. You may want to use this information to help your child prepare for their classroom activities.

In keeping with the mission and goals of the Center, we employ only trained teachers and staff members who are dedicated and passionately involved in the lives of our young children. We also use volunteers from the community, parent and student volunteers and interns from area schools and universities.

Each year, our staff members must attend workshops, professional organizational meetings and staff meetings that help them provide the best care for your child. These workshops and meetings also give each staff member the opportunity to expand their skills into new areas that may further benefit the children.